Carol Sing?

23/12/2021 09:56

This has been a week of illness for my family. Katie became ill over the weekend and is still not doing well. Others of us are struggling a wee bit as well. So, your prayers for healing are appreciated as well as prayers for wisdom. We may have to cancel the carol sing which is not what we want to do. We hope that some visitors are making plans to attend on that night and would dearly like to be there for them.

We are enjoying having Kay Lee home. She has to isolate for 10 days and then will be allowed to get out and about. Thanks for taking the requests above to the Lord.

PS. We've now cancelled our carol sing. Katie was covid positive earlier this week, Mac seemed to have a positive test yesterday (very faint line) and just now my test said that I am covid positive. We're doing ok, but appreciate your prayers for our family.