Catching up on desk work....

16/11/2016 09:51

This is a good week for me to catch up on things as Brother Layton Kelly is preaching for us this Sunday. I've needed some catch up time. The Lord gave me a good divine appointment as I had an interview for my British passport. Please pray that God will awaken Paul's heart. He is religious but lost. 

I had a good discussion with him about "different interpretation" vs. "misrepresentation." When the world says, "That's your interpretation" they are really misrepresenting the Bible. I'm thinking about writing something about that in the future. If I said, "Darwin really believed in a 6 literal day creation" the world would call me a fool. But, they readily accept someone who says, "The Bible really teaches millions and millions of years."

I put my passport application in first because the Lord has opened the door for me to go to Israel in January. I'm very thankful to have had my appointment as I should now receive my passport within the next couple weeks. It could have taken up to 6 weeks which would have been pretty close to my departure. 

Please pray for Craig Hartman and Dr. Bud Steadman as they lead our tour in January. I've wanted to go to Israel since I was in college and am very excited about connecting the Bible and geography, archeology, history, etc.

I've had time this week to work on the 7 other passport applications for my family. Praise the Lord I think I am nearly done with this type of paperwork!