Catching Up.

02/05/2015 21:43

After studying at the beginning of the week, I feel like I was catching up the rest of the week. We are also having our first church business meeting tomorrow night. So, there has been a bit of preparation for that as well. 

We enjoyed getting away as a family yesterday. We went to New Lanark. It is a mill village that began in the early 1800. They had 2500 people living and working there. It was a wonderful place to tour. It fit right into the children's history of the Industrial Revolution.

I had a great witnessing opportunity yesterday as well. I spoke with a man for half an hour. Please pray that God will awaken his heart. He is sincerely religious. But, he is following a path that is contrary to the truth of God's Word.

Thank you for praying for our ministry. (I'll put some pictures from yesterday below.)

(Below - trying to look bored in school.)