Catching up....

15/01/2016 10:57

Thank you for praying for our evangelistic meetings this past week. God gave us a very special week. Every night of the meetings we had guests. God gave us a guest last night who was unexpected. Please pray that God will awaken this young father's heart.

We have very much enjoyed and appreciated the Webb's ministry. Cheryl was a great blessing in her music ministry and work with the young children. She took all the 8 year old and younger children into a class for them during the preaching service. In that class they had puppets and stories as well. 

Each evening after the service we had tea, coffee and biscuits. (cookies) The fellowship was very sweet. 

I will put two pictures below. One is from our service on Wednesday evening. The other is of Tantallon Castle. God gave us a sunny day yesterday and I took the Webb's touring around our area. Thank you for your part in our ministry. God's hand was very evident this week.