Catching up....

09/08/2016 15:08

We are catching up with life after a busy week and need to catch you up. We enjoyed having Pastor McPhillips preach all three services on Sunday. All of his messages were a blessing. He preached Sunday morning on Psalm 16.

Monday morning at 6:30 the team departed for Ireland. Today they are returning to the USA. Hopefully at some point they can all catch up on their sleep!

This morning I handed out flyers in Edinburgh. We are in the heart of the festival season in Edinburgh and there are incredible numbers of people on the street. I handed out about a 100 flyers in an hour. I had one good opportunity to witness to a young man who was promoting another cause. He tried to engage me in his topic and I sought to engage him in mine. It was a good conversation which I trust will have an eternal benefit in his life.