Catching up....

15/11/2022 09:05

God gave us good outreach on Saturday. It seemed like everyone was home as Katie and I knocked on doors. We spoke with about a dozen different home owners. 

Sunday was a good day with great weather and fair attendance. We had a young girl who has been missing for about a month back in church Sunday night. That was a blessing. I preached Sunday morning on, "Great Open Doors" from 1 Corinthians 16:9. Paul saw an open door for the Gospel in Ephesus and would remain there despite the opposition. We looked at what he was facing in Ephesus at that time. (Acts 18-19)

On Monday morning, Tommy and I went into Edinburgh to do some evangelism. God gave me a great divine appointment with an 18 year old young lady. I spoke with her for half an hour. Please pray for God to awaken her heart. She said, "I believe the Bible is out of date in some areas." I said to her, "Wouldn't it be more honest to say that you disagree with the Bible?" Please pray that she will repent and agree with God's Word against her sin. She has a lot of trouble in her life and Jesus is the ultimate answer and only real answer to her needs.

After that I preached for an hour on Princess Street near the statue of the Duke of Wellington. Thank you for praying for God's enablement and guidance in that ministry. God gave us a good outing and our hope is that the Word of God would be like barbs in the hearts of those who are passing by. It's hard to stop preaching when you realise that thousands of people are still going to be passing by that location.