cats, rats and mice - Oh My!

15/05/2012 18:48

I put flyers out this morning.  I didn't have any divine appointments but around 300 homes got a flyer. I talked to one lady who was a spiritualist. She got pretty upset as I talked about Jesus and our conversation concluded quickly. I went to one new area. It was there that the rodent frenzy started.  First I saw a half eaten mouse on a door stop.  Then a few homes later a large rat ran across my path and under the home I was approaching.  About ten minutes later a cat crossed the road near me with a mouse in its mouth. (I was beginning to feel like the pied piper.) I saw more cats than normal and they all looked fat and healthy.  I've always considered dogs to be my great adversary when doing flyers.  But after this experience I'm looking out for smaller dangers.

The weather has been kind of crazy lately. We have had sunshine, clouds, rain, rainbows, sleet, snow, etc today.  It is changing about every fifteen minutes right now.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a clear day and Michael and I are heading to Peebles to put out flyers. Please pray for divine appointments.  Thanks for praying.