Changing locations....

05/09/2021 20:09

Well, it is kind of fun to be at a point of change. We enjoy our current location. However, we had to do upside down Sunday (Sunday School and main service in the evening) and zoom on Sunday AM and Wednesday PMs. We are ready to get back to a normal schedule with all LIVE services.

We had low attendance tonight due to a variety of things. However, we had a good service. I preached a message on, "Biblical Separation" from 2 Corinthians 6:15-7:1 (uploading currently). We have a lot of "itchy ear" believers in our day, but it is our prayer to have a church that preaches "sound doctrine" even if people leave. Please pray for the power of God and transformed lives in and through our ministry. We'd dearly love to see people set free from their old life and living a new life in Christ.

We had a good Sunday. Thank you for praying for our church. We have one remaining zoom service on Wednesday night. After that, we are in our new location.