Children's Choir

10/11/2013 21:15

The Lord gave us a good day. The kids are especially excited about our children's choir. We just started last week and we are practicing for our Christmas Carol Sing service on Christmas Eve. We've got a good group of kids and we are having a lot of fun in our practice times.

Tonight we looked at the story of Peter's escape from prison in answer to the prayers of God's people. I began with a story of a man who is in his early 70's who still faithfully serves the Lord. I'll not mention his name online but will put a small section from his biography below. He is still involved in ministry in China but is having a major surgery this month. We need to be reminded that the church was born in persecution and that she continues to face persecution.

"Dr. _________________________ has been called “the Last disciple of Wang Ming Dao.” Wang Ming Dao was called “the Father of the House Church Movement in Mainland China” by many western missionaries. Dr. _____________________ was brought up in a Christian home in which his mother taught him spiritual lessons throughout his early age. When he was 4 years old, his mother brought him to an orphanage to celebrate his birthday with the fatherless. When he was 16, he confirmed his faith and was baptized by Wang Ming Dao.

Later in the 1950’s, he joined “Beijing Christian Students Fellowship” and prepared himself with other young Christians to face persecution. They memorized scriptures and spiritual hymns, understanding that if they went to jail, they would not have the Bible and hymnals to read. They also took cold showers during the winter time to prepare themselves to suffer for the Lord in case they go to jail or the labor camps.

All in all, ___________________________ was persecuted by the Communist government for 24 years, spending 9 years in labor camps and almost losing his life 3 times. In addition, 6 days after his wedding, he was arrested and his newly wedded wife was asked to divorce him. She refused by saying nothing. At that time, he did not even know if he would see his wife again."