Church and prayer request update.

03/11/2013 15:48

Winter is definitely knocking on the door. Some of Scotland received wintering showers yesterday. The Lord gave us a good morning. Our attendance was down. But we had a good spirit. One young girl walked a few blocks by herself this morning to come to church. That was encouraging. We looked at David's preparations for the temple this morning as I preached on Great Giving. It was a good service. 

Tonight we are starting a children's choir practice. We are going to be getting ready for our Christmas carol sing service.

I visited our friend yesterday. He had internal bleeding and has lost a lot of blood. They gave him several pints of blood since Thursday. They did an endoscopy on Friday. They were not able to repair the problem it seems and will be doing another endoscopy tomorrow. He's in good spirits. Please pray that the blood loss will stop and that they will know what has caused this. Thanks for praying for he and his family.