Church Outreach in Edinburgh

25/03/2017 16:10

Our family and the Hikin family handed out flyers in Edinburgh today. God gave us beautiful weather in the low 60's and sunny. This is by far the best weather of the year so far. We were able to hand out 1,000 flyers in just under 2 hours. The kids are a bit irresistable (almost) and people kindly took the flyers from them. Please pray that those flyers will bear much fruit. 

Nelson is the 6 year old pictured last. He said when we got done, "I bet I handed out over a hundred." My daughter and I looked at each other and I said with her agreement, "I'm sure he did." When he was refused the people after those who refused him would ask to take it. :) Just as a point of interest - David Livingstone's statue holding a Bible was right in the middle of where we were handing out flyers. I'm sure he would have given his approval to that ministry today.