Closed Captioning in Ukrainian

09/06/2022 14:16

Well, we are trying something new on our sermon audio feed. Mark (15, Ukrainian) was able to get me the file I needed to upload closed captioning in Ukrainian to our video feed. We've only done this with the video from the service last night which I preached from 1 Timothy 6 where Paul warns Timothy of the danger of money lust. To access the Ukrainian CC feed, you click on the settings symbol on the bottom right and chose "UK" which actually stands for Ukrainian. Mark was excited to see that his work had paid off and that he had provided me with what was needed.

Our day of prayer on Tuesdays was a great encouragement. There were four of us able to meet together. Thank you for praying for that time. Also, the funeral yesterday went very well. Please continue to pray for God's comfort for the family.

We are grateful for your prayers. We desparately need the power of God and appreciate your intercession for us.