Construction Flyer

14/07/2014 11:48

A funny thing happened today. Benson and I were putting out the flyer in some of the flats in Loanhead. A lady stuck her head out the window and asked us not to deliver any more flyers to her because she was not the owner. I was confused and she said again that she was just a tenant. It wasn't until later that Benson and I had a good laugh. The Holiday Bible Time flyer looks like it is from a builder. If you don't read it, you'd think someone was looking for a construction job. She obviously hadn't read it and assumed we were looking for work which she couldn't give because it wasn't her property. :)

Benson was a big help. We were able to get a lot done. Thanks for praying for us as we advertise our HBT.

Please also pray for the Crowders as they work on getting their visas. They only have a few weeks to secure these. They have finished the paperwork and now they are waiting to hear back.