Crossing a finish line....

05/08/2021 09:55

We hit a milestone last night as we concluded our study of the book of Hebrews. The biggest things that stand out to me from this stuy are...

1) Our incredible privilige as priests to enter into the very presence of God through Jesus Christ and intercede for ourselves and others.

2) The power of faith as seen in the history of what that faith has accomplished. (Hebrews 11)

If you are interested, the full series is on our sermon audio page - Hebrews Series. (The series is complete except for one message where we had technical difficulties.)

Yesterday I went into Ednburhg again. I don't know if it is becauseo f the pandemic, or the weather.... I haven't done street evangelism in Edinburgh as much since the pandemic began. Ideally you want good weather as peopple will be out enjoying the sunshine. When I'm down there, I pass out literature, but I primarily want to seek divine appointments.

God gave me a couple of good opportunities yesterday. I witnessed to Iian by a statue of David Livingstone. Ian is an atheist. However, he asked some great question and I believe the Lord was working in his heart. Through a broken marriage because of sin, he see's the destructive nature of sin. He said, "You can't ever go back and fix it." He's in his mid 50's. I told him that he has potentially 40 years left to live for God.

I also enjoyed speaking to some older construction workers. They were kind and as I briefly shared the Gospel, they seemed receptive. Please pray for God to awaken these hearts. Many other people took flyers.

The most interesting thing that happened was a man who "went off" cursing a dog. He was working out and had his shirt off. With the dog were two elderly women. Thankfully, my only involvement was saying to the ladies, "I think it would be wise to move to another bench." The man had thankfully stormed off. I do pray for safety whenever I'm in the city. (The horse is prepared against the day of battle, but safety is of the Lord.)