D to D with Benson

11/07/2015 16:41

This morning we enjoyed a men's prayer breakfast with a sister church in Livingston. We get together about every other month at a carvery. It's a good Scottish breakfast and the price is great. When we got back Benson and I did door to door. God gave us two great chats. An elderly church of Scotland woman spoke with us first. She has attended the church of Scotland in her community for 40 + years and said about salvation, "Well, I guess we won't know until we get there." It's amazing that the C of S has strayed so far from a clear Gospel. We are more like John Knox in doctrine than the majority of the Church of Scotland.

The best conversation was with a young man who is 16. We talked with him for ten to fifteen minutes. We gave both a copy of John and Romans which has verses about salvation underlined. It also has the Roman's Road explained in the back. Please pray that God will bless the seed that was sown this morning.

We are gearing up for HBC. Katie has been preparing the power point for her lessons. She and the kids have been preparing decorations. They are doing a lot of art work. She has also been organizing and preparing the crafts. A young man, Garrett, is arriving from the States next Sunday to help us with the week. He'll be here for ten days. Please pray for all the work involved.

Tomorrow, we have a baptismal service with 4 children being baptized. Two of our children are being baptized. We'll go to sister church in North Berwick for the baptism in the afternoon. Hopefully traffic will be ok. The Scottish Open (golf tournament) is in Gullane which is quite near where we are going.

Thanks for your prayers and for keeping up with our ministry.