Dan and Sharon Pero

12/12/2013 19:30

We've enjoyed having missionary friends from Ireland with us today. They arrived early this morning. Brother Dan preached tonight and was a blessing to our church. God gave us 3 great witnessing opportunities as we went into Edinburgh late this morning. We witnessed to a young muslim. He graciously took a John and Romans and showed a real interest in reading it. We also witnessed to a lady who is in the Guiness Book of World Records for piercings. I've spoken with her before about God's love. Please pray that God will awaken her heart. We also spoke with an evolutionist for about 20 minutes. He had actually seen Ken Ham videos online. He didn't agree with Ken Ham but it was pretty amazing that he had researched his viewpoint. It was fun to see the Lord open those doors.

God's good. We didn't have a big group out tonight but the Lord encouraged our hearts. Thanks for praying.