Day #2 of HBT

24/07/2012 15:52

The Lord gave us another good day.  Yesterday the children proved their "nationality" and played games in the rain without seeming to mind.  Thankfully the weather was a bit better today.  Although it's been an overcast day, it has not been raining. So, game time was dry and fun.

The Bible time went very well. Katie is teaching the story with power point that she has worked hard to put together.  The centre has a very nice "tele" mounted on the wall.  So, the slides are very clear. The kids are paying good attention.

We had 15 children today as one family was unable to attend.  Lord willing, they will be back for the rest of the week as they've planned.

Skye approached Katie after HBT and asked about salvation.  She prayed with Katie and was beaming afterwards.  She wanted Katie to go with her to tell her mum.  Please pray for God's continued work in her little heart.  She's been attending our church for close to 2 years.

So, praise the Lord. We are enjoying the ministry that He has given to us and seeing Him answer your prayers. Thanks for participating in our ministry.