Day 4 and Day 5

14/07/2018 10:29

Wow - what a fun week God gave to us with special blessings every day. The best part of the week is that we had first time visitors every day. In total we had 23 children with a dozen of those being first time visitors. This is not our church location and that attendance was remarkable. I anticipate seeing several of these children in church. Please pray that they will come. They loved HBC and did very well taking in the truth of God's Word.

Yesterday, Pastor Steve Anderson and his wife, Martha, arrived. He will be preaching in our AM and PM services tomorrow. It's been fun to catch up with them as they are dear friends. 

Our next big event is our family traveling to Germany for BWM family camp later this month. Please pray for God's great blessing on that week of camp. Dr. Steadman will be preaching.

Thank you for praying for the Auchendinny HBC.