Day 4 and Day 5

10/08/2018 13:42

Well.... HBC is over for another year. :) It is always a lot of fun, a lot of effort and rewarding. God has helped our church people to really step up and get involved. We ran our own HBC this year and it went really well. We had a total of 34 children plus a few adults present for at least one day of HBC. Most of the kids were there most of the days. We had attendance in the low to mid 20's daily.

Thank you so much for your prayer participation. We had 3 children tell us that they prayed this week to ask Jesus to forgive them of their sins and to save them. I would appreciate your prayers for our ministry on Sunday as it is our busy Sunday with 4 services. I've got a cold and would appreciate your prayers for my voice. One mother who attended this week with her children has said that she plans to visit this Sunday with her son. She is a believer who was saved 5 years ago. Another lady contacted us this week and wants to visit the church. Please pray for us as we meet her, Lord willing, next week.

Another special blessing this week was having family members of church members out to our church for the first time. Please pray that these grandsons will want to keep coming.