Day #4 of HBT

26/07/2012 15:01

Today we had our first visitors from our HBT flyer. John brought his two grandchildren to participate.  We were glad to see them.  He had told Katie that he was going to bring the kids today when Katie met him last week.  John told me the funny story of getting the flyer.  His front door is glass but it was locked.  Logan had approached his door outside just as John went to the door inside.  Logan was using a F.D.T. (Many of you know about our cutting boards (Flyer Distribution Tools.) We use them to push our flyer in neatly past the bristles in the mail slot.) Anyway, John took the F.D.T and flyers from Logan.  So, there they stood, Logan with a look of shock on his face and John without a key to open the door.  He did go and get the key to give Logan back his tool.  But, he said Logan's look was priceless.

It was another good day with very good weather.  God is giving us a great week.