Day 5 and Sunday

31/07/2017 07:28

God gave us a great finish to a great week. We had 3 first time visitors on Friday. One of those came to the Thursday film night the night before. It was his first time ever to our church. We were praying that someone would come with whom we had not had contact before. Also, two of our HBC kids were there on Sunday. Their other brother would have been there but he was ill. Next week, their teenage sister has said that she will come. Please pray for their family.

We have so appreciated having the Washer family with us. Sadly... :) yesterday was their last Sunday. We are going to miss them. Please pray for their safety and for God's great blessing upon their family for their ministry here in Scotland.

It was a joy to have my dad preach last night. We are getting away as a family today on a short vacation. In two weeks we have a family service planned. It seems that we could have a number of family members attend. Please pray for God's special blessing on that day.

I was unable to upload my message to sermon audio as my computer is in at the shop. (I'm using Katie's computer to update.) I preached yesterday on "Keeping Comany with Christ" from Proverbs 8, the personification of wisdom. God gave us a really good day.

Thank you for your part in our ministry this past week. God has done great things for us whereof we are glad. 32 children in total came this past week.