Day of prayer and outreach

18/08/2021 18:18

God blessed our day of prayer yesterday. We have 5 men who meet about every 3 months to spend a couple hours in the morning and in the afternoon in prayer. I believe that God has greatly used this prayer time in our lives and our ministry. Thanks for praying for this time. God's blessing was evident.

Today I met Don at his house and we put flyers out in his area. We had one divine appointment with a scientologist. He compared the Bible with online blogs. I said to Don that is like equating Shakespeare with comic strips.  Please pray that he will stop believing in aliens and put his faith in Jesus Christ. I had one interesting response from a woman today who said, "I don't believe Jesus existed." I've heard people say they don't believe in God, but normally people don't deny the historicity of Jesus Christ.

Please pray for God's blessing on Don's ministry in Livingston. Tommy (previous posts) is still attending Don't church with a friend.