Dedicated to Dan Zahl :)

13/10/2014 22:45

Thanks brother Zahl for reminding me to keep this up to date. I appreciate all of you who faithfully watch for updates. That translates into very informed intercession which is vital to our ministry.

The Lord gave a good witnessing opportunity Sunday morning with a young mother from India. She shared that Hinduism teaches that you pay for your sins in your next life. What a sad way to live believing that trials were punishment. Please pray that God would show her That Calvary is the consequence of her sin and thatJesus paid it all.

We enjoyed ministering at two supporting churches on Sunday. Both were a blessing to us and encouraged us on our furlough.

We were refreshed tonight by the ministry of Maranatha Baptist University as we attend our annual meeting with BWM. The meeting is annual but this is our first one in 5 years. Please continue to pray for God to do a great work in our lives and make us better vessels for HIS GLORY. Thanks for putting up with the infrequent updates. I will try to do a better job as we travel.