Divine appointment

09/05/2012 14:49

Some of you know that my favorite divine appointments happen with a fishing rod (preferably in my hand.)  Last night the fly rod was in a young lad's back pack.  He was with a small group of his friends and we started talking fishing.  He gave me some good ideas which I hope to implement sometime in the near future.  

After chatting about fishing for a while, I began to ask them about their beliefs.  He said that he did believe in God and expressed unbelief in evolution.  When I asked them about sin, they said, "What is that?"  I said, "You know what sin is...."  They firmly declared that they did not.  We enjoyed a good chat about the Bible and this young man admired my awareness of what the Bible teaches.  It makes you wonder if some kids want to have answers but don't have anyone around them who knows the answers. Thank you for praying for these opportunities.

Please pray that God will water the seed that was sown.