Divine Appointment

16/01/2014 13:23

Yesterday the Lord gave me a wonderful opportunity to speak to a young man about salvation. I had started to walk past him but felt like the Lord would have me give him a tract. We ended up talking for 20 plus minutes about salvation. God's hand was evident in our conversation and I'm glad that this young man had the kindness to hear a Biblical viewpoint. 

Today Katie is getting a well deserved break from her busy life. A friend from the States is here and they were able to get together. Katie's pregnancy is going well. However, she hasn't been sleeping well. She's been experiencing a bit of insomnia. Please pray for that to go away and for the Lord to help her get very needed rest. Homeschooling and church ministry are demanding enough of themselves. When you add pregnancy and lack of sleep, the load get's pretty heavy. I know she would appreciate your prayers.

The rest of us are doing well. We are all going to get out tomorrow afternoon to meet a Christian young lady from China. She is just starting at the University of Edinburgh. Please pray for God to direct her to where He wants her to go to church. We're looking forward to meeting her.