Divine Appointment

10/05/2016 21:33

I did flyers yesterday morning and this morning with no apparent divine appointments. I did give a flyer to an 89 year old man today who concerned me by his lack of health. I tried speaking with him but his hearing was poor although he said his eye sight is good. I encouraged him to read the flyer. It made me think about the fact that eternity is coming SOON for many people and that we need to be giving out the Gospel. 

However, despite apparently not having a good divine appointment, I found out tonight that I had an unknown divine appointment. I handed a flyer to the mother of a man who has often attended our church. She asked her son what I looked like and let him know that she had briefly met me. I prayed for her as I was walking away. Now I know that it is a woman whom I have prayed for before. The other divine appointment was that I saw her son this evening and he let me know this story. He needs your prayers as well. Many  of you are still praying for G__________.

Please pray for all those who have received this flyer. This flyer has a very clear Gospel presentation for those who would read it.

Saturday, Evangelist Jonathan Washer arrives with a young man named Lewis. We will be promoting the football tournament all of next week. Thanks for your prayers.