Divine Appointment

14/12/2016 13:52

Don and I did flyers today in a village near where they are going to start a church. Please pray that God would give them some conacts through these flyers. God gave them a contact the first day that they put out flyers. She has met with them a few times. Please pray for them as they seek to get started with their new work.

I had a divine appointment after returning. I met a man from Northern Ireland who lives a couple hours from here on the other side of Scotland. Northern Ireland probably has more real believers than anywhere else in the UK. He said that his mom and dad would say that they are born again. He is not. Please pray that God will awaken Andy's heart and bring him to faith in Him. He thanked me for the conversation. I anticipate hearing from him if he ever does take Jesus as His Saviour. He said that he often comes to this side of the country because of his work. 

Thank you for praying for divine appointments!