Divine Appointments

04/07/2012 20:53

We enjoyed a family picnic at a park with a huge playground in Edinburgh. The Lord brought me a witnessing opportunity.  Katie (not my wife) asked me to do a survey on "air pollution." Afterwards I was able to speak to her about the Lord and His Word for 15-20 minutes.  She is a great thinker and listened intently to what I shared.  Please pray that God will protect the seed that was sown.  Another neat opportunity was with an American.  He just moved to Westerville Ohio.  My sister-in-law and her family used to attend a good church in Westerville which I told him about.  I also invited him to our church.  He is hoping to move over here in the future.

Thanks for praying for these opportunities.  God is good to give them and guide in them.

PS.  We were BOTH approved for our new debit card account. Yippee!  We have a bit more freedom and don't have to share my card! (Please read yesterday's post if you don't know what I am talking about. :)