Divine Appointments

09/05/2020 21:07

The Lord has given a couple wonderful divine appointments this week. Tonight was really an encouragement to me. I spoke with a married couple for about 30-40 minutes sharing the gospel. Please pray that God's Word will do a wonderful work in their lives. I believe they really do want God to do that work and I anticipate hearing from them. They wrote down my mobile number and share their own with me. Praise God - for lockdown evangelistic opportunities.

Also, facebook withdrew all of our adds. We had two segments of, "The Journey" running as adds. However, we tried posting another video add and it was automatically rejected. I've asked for them to be reviewed. Please pray for wisdom and for God to help promote our page to people in our area.

My two oldest helped me with another music project. We did a sextet (three instruments and 3 voices) of I Must Tell Jesus. I'll include a facebook link here if you'd like to see it.

Also, some of you may not have access or desire to access facebook, which we totally understand. "The Journey" evangelistic videos are also being uploaded to sermon audio if you want to share them with someone you are seeking to reach. Here is a link to all segments, (currently four) which are on SermonAudio. They are short, 6-8 minutes.