Dodging Showers

22/08/2012 12:51

Thankfully the rain held off until just after I finished this morning.  I was putting out flyers through Newtongrange, a village about 3 miles from Loanhead. I had one good opportunity with Allie.  He is 19 and doesn't believe anything. I showed him Psalm 22 where Christ's death is prophesied 1000 years before it happened. He was very kind and we talked for about 10 minutes while he worked on getting tar off of a vehicle. Please pray that God will work in Allie's heart.

Another young man I met of about the same age said that he doesn't believe in God.  But he said that he believed in Satan.  I mentioned that Satan blinds people's hearts to the truth and wants them to go to Hell.  He said Hell didn't bother him.  I said, "If I had a lighter and flicked it on you wouldn't hold your hand over the flame."  It's the first time that I've been wrong in saying that.  He showed me the scar on his hand where he had done that. He said that he had laughed at the person holding the lighter. (We live in a very HARD world that is completely reprobate against God.) I'm convinced that only God can awaken anyone's heart to salvation. He is able.

God did give Dane and I one good opportunity yesterday. A mother-in-law was sitting out front with her daughter-in-law. I witnessed to them for about 15 minutes.  Just when I got to the point of the Gospel a vehicle pulled in and interrupted part of our conversation.  But, the Lord was good to give that chance as the rain came in.  30 minutes later we were running back to the car as the heaven's opened up.