Doing better :)

01/06/2012 15:04

Well, it seems we have turned the corner on this thing and everyone is heading in the right direction.  We went on a family outing this morning and took a bucket and paper towels just as a precaution.  Thank the Lord, they weren't needed.

Mark Hikin just called and asked that we pray for their baby, Mazie.  She has had this "bug" since Monday and is being admitted to the hospital for dehydration.  So, please pray for her soon recovery.

The house that we viewed turned out to be a no.  We thank the Lord for His clear leading.  Please pray that God will give us wisdom as we seek His will.  Housing here is very expensive and much smaller.  It is hard to find a home that is adequate for our family size. Most of the housing here is attached housing.  It is kind of like duplexes in the states; but, it could be attached on both sides. Housing is one of the biggest adjustments to moving over here.  So, please ask for God's provision and direction as we seek His will.