Door keeping....

24/05/2015 13:54

We didn't have record attendance today. But, I would have rather been in God's house than anywhere else. The Lord gave us a good morning. I preached this morning on I Thessalonians 5:14-24, "Practical Christian Living." I enjoyed studying this and sharing it with our people.

God's good. This is an important week for us and we would appreciate your prayers. Some friends from the States are staying with us Wednesday night - Friday morning. Danny, who is still a teenager, will be preaching for me on Thursday. I'm excited to give him the opportunity. He's just graduated from college and is excited to be studying for the ministry.  This family is from my sister's church in IL and we got to know this family while we were on furlough.

Then Evangelist John Van Gelderen arrives on Friday with his family. Our meetings on revival begin on Sunday and run through Wednesday. Please pray for God's power in the days ahead. I've already had a man in the community promise me that he will come to "one meeting." I believe he will. Please pray for God to meet him on that night. THANK YOU FOR PRAYING FOR OUR MINISTRY!