Door to door....

14/09/2013 16:36

Kay Lee was my helper this morning as I did door to door. The Lord gave us one very good opportunity to speak with a young atheist. We chatted for over half an hour and went through a lot of Scripture. The Lord guided and this young man was very kind to listen. He brought up the pope's recent comment that atheists can go to heaven. I showed him Rev. 21:8, Rom. 3:23, and 3:10.  The second two verses were to show that the pope is not infallible.  Please pray for this young man. I'd love to chat with him further.

The headlines yesterday for BBC Scotland were about a public school where a chaplain was recently removed. The reason was because of his position against evolution and for creation. Please pray for this country. If you want to read the article, please click on the following link.