Door to door and Logan....

19/03/2016 18:52

Logan (10) was my buddy this morning as we did door to door. It was good to get back at it. Most people were home and very kind. We had one conversation with a lady that was very good. She was busy but took the time to chat at her door. Please pray that God will bless that step of obedience in getting back into knocking on doors.

Speaking of doors, we have an exciting door opening to have Evangelist Jonathan Washer with us in May or June. Jonathan's family have a ministry called, "Inside the Lines" in which they go into prisons and do evangelistic sports tournaments. Their family also worked with Jonathan's brother in his "National Hoops" (basketball tournament) ministry. We are planning a football (soccer) tournament and it seems that God is opening the door. Please pray for our planning and scheduling. It's going to take more hands than we have and we'll need wisdom where to look for volunteers. 

Kay Lee and I were walking by a football pitch this evening and had a chance to invite some young men to play in the tournament. They were interested and I'm excited to see how this develops. Thanks for praying with us!