Door to Door with Benson

15/02/2014 11:57

God's given us some great opportunities lately on Saturday mornings to visit with people at their doors. We had 3 good opportunities this morning. It's a joy to share Christ. Thanks for praying for these open doors.

The weather has been bad in the UK as well as in the US. England is having some very poor weather with major flooding. This past week the UK had 3 major storms. I think our last high pressure system was December 15th. Although it is raining this morning, we were able to do some areas that are indoor. 

Scotland passed homosexual marriage legislation this past week. I saw an advert on a bus yesterday with a picture of two construction workers that said, "One of us is gay. If that bothers you, our work continues. Gay. Get over it." It is on many busses.

The fact that people have a choice to do whatever they want to do, does not bother me. I appreciate the individual responsibility that we were given by God. But, the fact that someone can blatantly attack our values which are Biblical values does bother me. I don't agree with a lot of what the world does, but I am thankful that I am not forced to support the world's values. Please pray that God will protect the religious liberty to stand on Biblical principles. The hate crime legislation in Scotland has the dangerous side affect of making people hate those who love God's Word.