Door to Door with Benson

17/08/2019 17:01

Benson was my door to door partner this morning. Imagine our suprise when the first woman who answered the door at the first house told us that she will come tomorrow to our AM service. I could be wrong, but I have no doubt that she was sincere and I hope to see her tomorrow. Please pray that God will help her to come as she intends. We were encouraged by that short visit.

We had another good conversation at the next door. That young man was listening very well until someone else ended our conversation. We shouldn't be suprised but it was pretty abruptly ended by someone whom we did not know was listening. Please pray that God awakens his heart and does not let the Wicked One snatch away God's truth from his heart.

God then gave us a better opportunity with a religious man. Please pray for this man. He is muslim and was at the mosque to pray this morning at 4:00 AM. If Christians would have half the zeal of these sincere people we would see the world turned upside down again. He invited us into his home and we spoke for about 40 minutes. He allowed me to pray at the end of our conversation and I asked God to illumine his mind by His truth. Please pray that God will do a great work in his life. If he got saved, he would be much better at reaching Muslims with the Gospel than a non muslim could hope to be. Thank you for your prayers for divine appointments. God is working.