Door to Door with Mark

04/09/2012 11:42

Mark Hikin and I enjoyed getting out this morning to put out flyers.  We put out around 400. The Lord gave one divine appointment with Connor (17).  He said what I often hear, "I guess I don't really believe in anything." He had a little puppy that I pointed at and said, "He doesnt look like he just happened.  He looks designed."  We had a good chat.  Please pray for Connor.  

I forgot to share a story with you from yesterday.  I set a goal for our church to start supporting the Kelly's.  So, on Sunday we had our first opportunity to participate in that.  I was glad that my two oldest did so without me saying anything.  Benson came running up to me yesterday and said, "Dad, look what I found.  (50 pence)  He said, "I put 10p in the offering and 40p for the Kelly's and God gave me back my pound."  (They get a pound every week.) Isn't God good to encourage the faith of children (and us?)

The school year has begun.  The kids are excited and I think Katie is as well. They have been at it since 8:00.  I'm taking the two oldest boys to shop class with Mr. Alec after lunch.  Thanks for your prayers.