Door to door with Parker Shore

22/08/2015 15:34

Parker was my door to door buddy today. We had three good chats. One young mother is open to a follow up visit with Katie. Please pray that Katie will have a great chat with her.

One man opened the door and I called him by name and said, "I prayed this morning that I would meet you." I had met him this past week in Loanhead and found out that he lived in this village where we were doing door to door. I prayed this morning that I could meet him again sometime as I went through the village. Isn't God good to give us those "wow" opportunities to acknowledge again that He is God?! 

We had 18 children on Thursday night. Please pray for wisdom for Katie in organizing this group. (I have some of the older ones now in my class, but she still had 15 with several 5 years old or younger.) Please pray that God will help us to be effective in ministering His Word to those who come. Thank you for praying.