Door to door

09/06/2012 14:26

The Lord gave me two good opportunities while knocking on doors this morning.  David (82) is part of the church of Scotland.  (I would have guessed him to be in his early 70's.) He allowed me to share with him by memory several passages from the Word of God. We talked for about fifteen minutes before encouraging me to keep on going to convert others. :)

Iain was my best opportunity.  He had questions and I was able to show him several passages from God's Word.  He was interested and allowed me to take some of his time although he was heading to an appointment.  Please pray that God would work in His heart about the authority of His Word. He has a successful business in our community.  It was good to meet him this morning.

Yesterday after going to the museum in Edinburgh with my family.  I met Travis Snode, who is a missionary in Northern Ireland, and a tour group from the States.  A few of the members of that group are preparing to come as missionaries to the UK.  I enjoyed showing them some of our city even though the weather was cold, rainy and windy.  *(No illusions for them about the fair weather of Scotland.)

Thanks for keeping up with us and God's work in Scotland.  Appreciate your prayers.