Door to door

08/09/2012 13:44

I enjoyed doing door to door this morning. I was out for close to two hours but it went very quickly. Please pray for Elizabeth.  I was able to show her Romans 1.  I'm glad the Lord gave us Romans chapter 1.  It has become a key focal point of attacks against the authority of the Word of God.  Politically correct religious organizations have to defy God's Word (Romans 1) to defend their views on "marriage". 

Please also pray for Audrey.  She is a new mother. I was able to share the Gospel with her this morning. 

God was good to give me other small opportunities as well.  I trust there are some people thinking about God, His Word and the Gospel because I knocked on their door this morning. Thanks for praying for open doors.

PS.  I just remembered something the Lord brought to my mind this morning.  I had more than one person today say, "If there is a God why does he let babies die.  They didn't do anything." I've often heard that. I shared with them that God created without death but that death is a result of man's sin.  I also shared that it is God's mercy if those children die and go to Heaven.  But here is what I didn't expect to say, "Many of those people who blame God for taking a child defend the right to kill babies in the womb." It turned the conversation in the right direction and took the wind out of the sails of defying God.