04/12/2013 21:00

I enjoyed meeting Pastor Edgar for lunch and handing out Christmas tracks in Dundee today. Pastor Edgar made the tract and it was well received by the shoppers. The Lord gave two very good witnessing opportunities. Please pray for Charles and Craig. Charles (upper 30's) and I spoke for about 20 minutes as I showed him Scripture verses. I had begun by asking him why he thought God would allow him into heaven. He turned the question back to me and asked how I would know. He seemed to be a sincere seeker. Please pray for God to open his eyes.

Craig (late teen) was another evident divine appointment. He and I talked for over 20 minutes. He asked great questions. "What would you say to someone who believes in the big bang? What would you say to an atheist? If there is a God, why is there death?"  The Lord blessed again and I hope to hear from him. He put my number in his phone. Again, please pray for God to awaken this young man's heart.

God's good. It's fun to see him open doors. Please pray for Pastor Edgar and their ministry in Dundee. We handed out several hundred tracts today.