Dunhill Links Golf Championship

28/09/2013 08:06

The Lord gave us a fun day yesterday at the Dunhill Links tournament. This is an annual event as we head to a beautiful golf course to watch some professional golf. I don't want to cause any envy in the hearts of those who enjoy watching golf. But, this event is free and it is held at Kingsbarns Golf Course, The Old Course - St. Andrews, and Carnoustie. We went to Kingsbarns yesterday to watch the more elite players. (Hopefully some friends of mine who went with me will be reminded to send me some pictures after reading this and I will put them on the website.)

Two of my boys went with me. They love it and they are magnets for hand outs from the pro's.  Benson's hat is almost covered with autographs. They also got autographed golf balls and tee's from the course. They were even given 12 pounds (money) in vouchers (coupons) for food. 

The highlight of the day was an opportunity to share Christ with a friend of a professional. We spoke to G________________ for about 30 minutes as we watched Ooshuizen's, Els' and Schwartzel's groups play through. G_________________ had some great questions. Please pray that God will open his eyes to the Gospel.

God gave us a great day. For all of those kids out there, God is good.  When you serve Him, He throws in some wonderful fun experiences as well.  

John is returning to the States today flying standby. Please pray that he can get the flights he needs to arrive home today.  Everything looked good for him to be able to do that. It was a blessing to have him with us. Thanks for praying.