Easter Monday

07/04/2015 13:37

Easter Monday is a holiday in Scotland. We enjoyed getting out and about yesterday. Another benefit of the day is that you get free parking in Edinburgh. We had a picnic at a park and went down and watched the trains coming in and out of Waverley trains station. There is a walking bridge which offers a great view for children (and adults) as the trains pass just a few feet underneath you. Many of the driver's wave and honk the train horn. So, that makes it even more exciting.

I had a wonderful conversation with a young man yesterday (16). He believes in, "science which says there is no God." I said, "You mean evolutionary science. But, did you know there is creation science?" We had a great discussion. Please pray for this young man. I've already seen him again to say hi.

Benson, Bernard and I have a great opportunity this week to attend a men's retreat in Ireland. Please pray for God's blessing on the men and boys who will be there. There will be 30 in total. The pastors will be sharing the preaching responsibility. I'd appreciate your prayers for me as I get to speak on Friday evening. Thanks for taking these needs to the Lord.