Edinburgh Divine Appointments

19/02/2019 13:14

The Lord gave me a several divine appointments as I handed out flyers in Edinburgh this morning. The first was with a young college student from India. I spoke with her for about ten - fifteen minutes. The conversation was very good and I believe she will pick up her Bible and read some things. She said that she would. I gave her a John and Romans.

The second coversation took place as I gave a flyer to a Moslem family. We were crossing the road together but they stopped on the other side to talk. We spoke for probably 15 minutes. We're studying Romans in SS and I used Paul's arguments against self righteousness.

1.) No matter how good you think you are - you have broken God's law (many times.)

2.) If you think your goodness changes the fact that you are a sinner....

               a. You are proud and God hates pride.

                b. You are saying to God you must let me into Heaven because you owe me salvation (because of my goodness.)

Please pray for their salvation, we had a fun conversation that I believe was impacting for them.

The last conversation may have been the best. Please pray for a 23 year old man named, Gabriel. He's from Derry, Northern Ireland but is Brazilian. We spoke for about 20 minutes. He may already be saved but God was definitely guiding in our conversation. I took out my phone to look through my emails as a friend of mine started a Baptist Church in Derry. We found the church name and I hope he will look it up when he gets back home.

Thank you for your prayers for our evangelism. Praise God, He opened doors for me today.