Edinburgh evangelism....

19/06/2017 13:54

I enjoyed getting out to do evangelism in Edinburgh this morning. The Lord gave three good witnessing opportunities. The best was with Connor who is a chef at a very nice hotel in Edinburgh. He said that he is open minded and the conversation leads me to believe that he truly is. Please pray for God to open his eyes and that he will read the John and Romans which I gave to him.

I also witnessed to a man from London. He said the attack at the Mosque last night is very near where he stays. He is an atheist but the Lord gave me a good platform to present the Gospel to him. Please pray as well that he will seek the Lord. ("Slim" is his name.)

While I was doing evangelism, Emily Washer and Katie went to a play park with the kids to let them play while they worked on planning HBC. They had a productive morning. Thank you for praying for our upcoming special ministries.