Edinburgh evangelism....

28/08/2017 12:01

I went into Edinburgh this morning to hand out flyers and seek one on one witnessing opportunities. It was a tough morning. This is the end of the Festival season and people have been handed leaflets nonstop for the last several weeks. So, that is is a factor. It is back to work after the weekend, I imagine that is a factor as well. I did have some opportunities to speak to people about the Lord.

I spoke with Daniel for about 10 minutes as we walked together. He then stopped to listen to what I was sharing. I spoke with Tam for probably 20 minutes. He is 51 and drugs and drink have wrecked his life. I was able to share the Gospel with him but sadly his eyesight is so bad from his sin that he can't read anymore. Another man was from the North of Ireland. He was catholic but does not accept the Bible as the authority and can not believe there is such a thing as absolute truth. I spoke with two young men from London as well.

I think what stood out to me this morning is how much men want to judge God instead of letting God judge them. They reject God if He is the God of the Bible because they deem him worthy of their judgment. It is troubling at times to view men's rebellious hearts and to see how hard they are against God. Please pray for God's Word to break through that in God's mercy we'll see some of these saved. Thanks for praying for these divine appointments.