Edinburgh Evangelism

01/04/2019 13:35

It was a beautifully sunny morning and great for doing outreach in Edinburgh. God gave me several divine appointments. The first was with three construction workers who were enjoying their break. They kindly accepted the flyers and engaged in conversation. The second was with a man and woman in their 40's up visiting Scotland from England. The woman asked a good question, "How is your life any different from mine just because you believe in God?" 

The third opportunity was with a man from Poland who has been disillusioned by Catholicism. He asked me, "What do Baptist's believe?" That was a great question as well. The fourth opportunity was with a man who questioned why it was necessary for the Bible to be accepted as God's Word. I told him that men are corrupt and without a book of truth to tell us about God we would each have our own ideas. 

The fifth opportunity and the one which I believe was the best - was also the most interesting. After we had been talking for about 20 minutes a man came up and asked Joe, "Are you in _____________?" Joe said, "Yes" and allowed the man to get a selfie with him. As it turned out, Joe is an actor in a television program of the Scottish BBC. Please pray for this young man. He said at the end of our conversation, "You have made me want to go home and get my Bible out."

Please pray for God's blessing upon His Word which went out in Edinburgh this morning. Thank you for praying for God to give us divine appointments.