Edinburgh evangelism....

04/02/2020 13:18

God gave several divine appointments this morning as I spent a few hours doing evangelism. The weather has prevented me from doing street evangelism for a good while, but thankfully it was sunny and calmer this morning.

God gave me my first divine appointment soon after I got off of the bus. Gary is from a village about 40 miles away where there is a good Baptist church. I spoke with him for 5-10 minutes and left encouraging him to visit that church.

The next opportunity was probably my best. I spoke with a man who is in his early thirties. It was a great heart to heart conversation about the mercy of God, goodness of God and satisfaction of Christ. This young father knows that his life hasn't been good. I'm thankful that I can share with him (and others) that God loves him and that through Jesus death on Calvary it is possible for Him to get saved. I'd love to see he and his family visit our church. Matthew thanked me for the conversation.

After that, I met Blake, a grad student who attends our church, and we did evangelism together. We handed out a lot of flyers. Blake had a short divine appointment with a young lady. Then I witnessed to one girl (with another girl listening) who is into Wicca. I shared with her that my faith in based upon the truth of God's Word while her faith is based upon experience. She had been Catholic and used to believe in God. I showed her that the Bible can stand in judgment upon catholicism (or any religion) but that without truth there is no authority. Praise God we have truth.

Next, I approached some young men just sitting down outside a pub. The one was a strong atheist but the other was interested. As I witnessed to  them, two other people eventually interrupted our conversation. However, God was working. Both the atheist and the other man shook my hand as I left them.

We were near a church where a revival took place in the early 1900's and so I showed Blake the property. In front of it were two people. One young lady was transgender. They  both asked good questions and were engaged in the conversation which nearly made them late for acting class. The church is now a theatre. In all these conversations God's hand was evident. Only He can stop someone who is not interested in Him and make them think about His truth. Please pray for God's continued mercy for Scotland.