Edinburgh Outreach with Jack

24/10/2018 11:30

God blessed the outreach with Jack today. Please pray for this young man. It is fun to be with a new believer who is excited about sharing their faith in Jesus. We did evangelism in front of the building where Jack works. He said, "Now everyone will know that I'm a believer." Please pray for fruit from our labour. We had several good conversations. 

Evangelism is interesting these days. Most people have earbuds in their ears, looking at their phone in one hand and smoking the cigarette held in their other hand. It is also amazing how hard hearted men have become. Some were open, but many older people were very anti-God. May God graciously awaken these hard hearts! Thanks for your prayers.

The Dillmans are on the plane heading home and just texted a picture of a new born baby. Thanks for your prayers for them.