Edinburgh outreach

02/03/2020 13:59

My normal Monday morning is reading at a library near our home. Today I decided to go to an Edinburgh library with the plan of doing some evangelism afterwards. However, when I got there the library was closed. So instead of reading, I handed out flyers for about half the morning and then shot some video for sharing at Camp Chetek this summer. Our family has the privilige of being the camp missionary for Junior Week II and Teen Week II.

Even though it was icy out this morning, I'm thankful for some decent weather. We had another named storm yesterday. That makes 3 out of the last 4 Sundays where we had named storms. The Met Office names a storm here if it meets certain bad criteria... high winds, rain, snow.... I saw that we may have just had our wettest February on record, but that remains to be calculated. So, praise the Lord, for a decent weather week.

Katie has her ladies' meeting tonight at our home. I know she would appreciate your prayers for God's blessing.